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The Story of Douglas Realty

Providing a Seamless Real Estate Experience

Have you ever worked with a Real estate office where the staff and agents can’t wait for morning to roll around so they can get to work? Where the parking lot is full 45 minutes before we open every day of the week? Where people are so excited to be doing what they do that they have to be reminded to eat or take a break?

Welcome to Douglas Realty & Development, the place where innovation, customer service, creative thinking, and dreams meet. A place where we lead, not follow. It makes us different and it’s why we not only survive, but flourish during every market cycle, both good and bad. Would you like to be part of this experience?

The truth is Douglas Realty and Development is not afraid to challenge the norm or to conduct business differently than the others that seem to follow the latest fad or trend. We truly believe in everything we do! We believe we can be better, more user friendly, blaze new trails, and in the end allow our customers to experience well designed yet simple to use products that make your real estate experience pleasant, start to finish. This provides a seamless experience with the results you expect. Every morning everybody on our team wakes up knowing that by the end of the day we will be a little better and a little closer to our goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Here is our story and here is what we believe.

Douglas Realty opened its doors in 1981 and hit the ground running. Long before laptop, cell phones, and the internet we created our famous “free brochure on every home” allowing customers to stop in and see floor plans, amenity lists, and location maps all run on our copier in the back room. We still keep one of those brochures around to remind us of our roots and humble beginnings. Now here we are 33 years later with three locations still believing every day we are the best and getting better.

We do what we do because we know we provide an experience you are simply not going to get anywhere else, an experience you are going to want to tell your friends and family about. We share a dream of continuing to innovate, to grow, and to provide this service for generations to come.

Come experience the Douglas difference.

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